Group Services

For Autistic teens and adults, their families, and individuals with Neurodivergent partners looking for community around interests or a supportive group, AANE has many choices.

With online support and social groups for different intersectional identities, online discussion forums, couples/partners group coaching, and even our Artist Collaborative, there is something for everyone.

Questions about autism or AANE’s services?

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Autistic partners sitting and looking at a laptop to explore connection options with others in an online discussion forum.

Discussion Forums

AANE’s Online Google Group Discussion Forums are a free opportunity for parents of Autistic children, teens, and adults, as well as those with Neurodivergent partners to connect, share common experiences, and learn about valuable resources.

Support Groups &

Community Connections

AANE offers online support groups for Autistic teens and adults, caregivers, and individuals with Neurodivergent partners. You can sign up and attend one session or multiple sessions. Community Connections are an introduction to our supportive community and an opportunity to talk with an AANE staff member and other attendees.

Autistic adults sitting and socializing in a group setting while comparing drawings with each other.
Autistic adults sitting, smiling and socializing outdoors in a grassy area surrounded by trees.

Social Groups & Activities

AANE offers social activities and events to give older Autistic teens and Autistic adults the opportunity to connect in a welcoming environment, have fun, pursue special interests, and build relationships.

Group Coaching – Partners

These groups are just for couples where one or both individuals in the relationship are Autistic. Group coaching is often the first time neurodiverse couples have the chance to speak with other neurodiverse couples about how their neurodiversity affects their relationship. 

A set of animated paintbrushes laying on the floor to dry after an Autistic person uses them to paint with.

Artist Collaborative

The AANE Artist Collaborative is a strong, member-led group that is open to any adult working in any creative medium who identifies as Autistic. The Collaborative meets virtually or in-person to plan art shows, share latest creations, recount individual adventures, discuss artistic opportunities, art techniques, and art news, and share experiences as Autistic artists. Over time, this group has become a community, and many are also now good friends.

Related Programs

If these groups don’t seem right for you, here are other ways to connect to AANE.

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