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AANE is your place to feel connected, understood, and empowered as an Autistic adult. We offer a variety of social groups, support groups, practical information, life coaching, and other programs and services to help Autistic adults build the meaningful connections and lives they want to live. At AANE you’re among friends who truly understand you. Consider browsing our library for helpful information about autism basics as well as reading some of our personal stories. Connect to our community through our events page which lists a wide range of options, from online movie clubs and women’s’ groups, to women over 50 support groups and game nights. We are glad you’re here!

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AANE has services and programs in individual or group settings to inform, support, and build community. Find opportunities below for you and your family member.

Featured Articles for Autistic Adults

Autistic Voices on Creativity

By: AANE Autistic Community Members | Aug 02, 2022

Disclosure Choices

By: Brenda Dater, MSW, MPH | Jul 07, 2022

Sticking Around: A Spectrum Perspective on Friendships

By: Beth Jones | Mar 07, 2023

The Multiple Masks of Trans Autistics

By: Delano | Jun 09, 2022

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Topics for Autistic Adults

AANE offers a wealth of thought-provoking articles for adults. These articles provide insight into the shared and varied experiences of Autistic individuals.

Disclosure / Self-Advocacy

Disclosure and self-advocacy are valuable tools to navigate the challenges of daily life and receive the support and accommodations needed to thrive.

Government Benefits

Autistic individuals in the United States may be eligible for government benefits.

Over 50 +

Because the understanding of autism is relatively new, most individuals in their 50s, 60s, 70s and older lived much of their life not knowing they were Autistic, misdiagnosed, or without receiving the support they needed.


For anyone, finding the right employment situation can take a considerable amount of time. It is essential to understand your strengths and support needs to find a job that complements your unique characteristics.

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Understanding Intersectional Identities

Autism intersects with various identities, such as gender, race, and sexuality. Navigating these intersectional identities can be complex, and our library is filled with helpful information on exploring and expressing one’s identities.

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