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A coach is sitting down facing and talking to their Autistic client and their partner.

FREE WorkMAP Employment Coaching

If you are a post-high school Autistic young adult (between the ages of 18 and 30) with employment-related goals living in Boston*, Brockton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Quincy, Randolph, or Somerville you may qualify for FREE WorkMAP coaching.

WorkMAP provides coaching targeted specifically to employment-related goals. This service is made free through a grant from the Liberty Mutual Foundation. Clients are enrolled on a “first come, first served” basis until the grant money is spent.

Schedule a call with a LifeMAP clinician to learn more about FREE WorkMAP. 

Community Connections

Community Connections are online, 60-minute, single-session discussion groups and a great way to meet our staff and connect with the community for the first time. 


Connect with other Autistic adults in a casual 60 minute online session facilitated by our experienced AANE staff. Ask questions, listen to others, join the community!

Parents of Children, Teens & Young Adults

Join our free online Community Connection Session to connect with other parents online. Sessions are facilitated by AANE' staff who know firsthand the need to maintain a balance for ourselves and our children when life brings the unexpected.

Discussion Forums

AANE’s FREE Online Google Group Discussion Forums are an opportunity to connect, share common experiences, and learn about valuable resources.  

Click on the block to sign up for the online discussion forum you would like to join.

Parents of Adults (post high school)

Parents who are members of the discussion forum can gain feedback and perspective from peers on issues such as accessing services to help their adult child find employment, live independently, and connect socially.

Parents of Children

Join an active community of hundreds of parents across the U.S. in discussions about issues and concerns faced by many parents of Autistic children including dealing with schools, finding service providers, and facilitating your child's socialization.

Parents of Teens (through high school)

Parenting any teenager brings challenges but when autism is a part of the picture there are many concerns that only others facing the same situation can truly understand. Find support and suggestions from an active network of parents of teenagers on this forum.

Partners of Autistic Adults

This group, serving people from all over the world, is for individuals married to or in partnership with someone with an Autistic profile. Here you will have the opportunity to offer and receive support, to strategize, and to share experiences with others who might relate to your situation.

Ex-Partners of Autistic Adults

This group serves those who are divorced or separated from an autistic adult. Here you will have the opportunity to offer and receive support, to strategize, and to share experiences with others who might relate to your situation.

Support Groups

AANE offers several FREE Online Open, or single session, support groups for adults and family members of various ages and identities. Please click the button below to see all FREE groups that have space to register.


A FREE group is offered for Women – the Online LOCAL Greater Boston Women's Support Group and the Open.


AANE offers this FREE support group for the LGBTQ+ community – the Online Open Gender Identity Support Group for Adults.


A FREE monthly Online BIPOC Support Group for Adults is available.

Adults over 50

A monthly FREE online group is a place for those over 50, to discuss a previously agreed to topic and share the unique concerns and issues that come with later awareness, in an atmosphere of support and understanding.

Families of Autistic Adults

This support group for parents, siblings, and grandparents of Autistic adults meets one Sunday a month online.


These 90-minute, single-session workshops are a great way to learn some basics, meet our staff, and connect with the community for the first time. 

Intro to Autism for Adults

This workshop is for Autistic adults to explore their understanding of autism through a neurological lens. We will discuss common misconceptions, the Autistic identity, and common Autistic traits, strengths, and challenges.

Intro to Autism for Caregivers

This workshop will address common misconceptions, investigate Autistic identity, and explore Autistic traits, strengths, and challenges and will provide insights into your child's neurotype, preparing you with an informed mindset for raising an Autistic child.

Artist Collaborative

The Artist Collaborative is an Autistic lead community who comes together once a month to create art, plan art shows, share latest creations, discuss artistic opportunities, art techniques, and share our experiences as Autistic artists. Over time, this group has become a community and many members are now good friends.

Audience: Autistic Adults
Frequency: No online registration, monthly virtual meetings (Third Monday of each month). Periodic virtual and in-person “Art Meet Ups” to come together for an entire day of art making and socializing.
Cost: Free

Livestream: Infinity & Beyond

YouTube Livestream

Infinity & Beyond is AANE’s monthly YouTube livestream event hosted by Autistic AANE staff members Liv Gallop and Ryan Walsh. With a new discussion topic each month, the livestream is a chance to engage and ask questions on issues relevant to the Autistic adult community. Subscribe to AANE’s YouTube Channel below to be notified of coming livestream events.

Audience: Autistic Adults
Group Type & Frequency: Open or single session, no sign up needed, monthly
Cost: FREE


Berklee College of Music Lessons 

The Berklee College of Music Institute for Accessible Art Education is generously offering free online group music lessons to Autistic adults and teens. These lessons allow up to 15 participants adults and 15 teens explore and grow as independent and ensemble musicians using traditional instruments or digital instruments during practice and group lessons.  Lessons will focus on note reading, technique, and recording as participants work to record music with their peers. 

Audience: Autistic adults & Autistic teens
Group Type & Frequency: Closed or multi-session, 8 weekly sessions, twice a year
Cost: FREE

Boston Symphony Orchestra

AANE at the ​Boston Symphony Orchestra -​ Join us in MA on our in-person trips to the BSO. Sign up to receive regular AANE email communication so you don’t miss an opportunity to attend. Subscribe to AANE communications.

Audience: Autistic Adults
Group Type & Frequency: Open or single-session, held three or four times a year
Cost: FREE


Local Boston and Southeastern, MA Outdoor Enthusiast Club

The AANE Outdoor Enthusiasts Club brings together Autisti adults in the Greater Boston and Southeastern, MA areas who share a love of the outdoors and are looking for opportunities to socialize and participate in fun outdoor adventures. Facilitated by Katie McClean, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, the group will organize fun and interesting outdoor activities.

A generous grant for the Garth Family Foundation helps fund the Local Greater Boston and Southeastern MA Outdoor Enthusiast Club.

Audience: Autistic Adults
Group Type & Frequency: Open or single-session, once a month
Cost: FREE

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