Social Media Guidelines

AANE is eager for community engagement on its social media channels. Here are a few guidelines to help ensure our online spaces are respectful.
  • You are welcome to comment on posts we share on our social media pages or through our accounts, but in order to minimize spam and identify trolls, our policy is that comments cannot be used to ask for money or promote services, products, or entities, even if it’s on behalf of a worthy cause. Similarly, our social media channels are not the forum to post comments berating services, products, or entities, even if they are objectionable. Please keep all comments respectful.
  • We welcome constructive criticism of AANE and its efforts. Please do not, however, use posts to harass or threaten AANE, our staff, or other users, or to spread false or misleading information.
  • Posts that violate the social media platform’s policies (see below), disclose information that is confidential under law, incite imminent lawless action, or violate intellectual property rights may be removed at any time.
  • Duplicative comments by the same user may also be removed.

Page administrators reserve the right to remove any content or block, remove, and/or report any user that violates these guidelines.

Social Media Platform Issued Policies

Facebook Community Standards

Instagram Community Guidelines

LinkedIn Community Standards

YouTube Community Guidelines

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